Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation that you are guided into by your therapist. It is sometimes likened to the peaceful feeling just before you fall asleep. In this very relaxed state, the subconscious mind is open and receptive to new learnings or changing old beliefs; which is why you can experience such fantastic benefits from hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis and Guided Therapeutic Imagery bypass all your reflexive defences and destructive patterns and speak directly to your subconscious, which is open and receptive to suggestions in hypnosis. By changing what’s happening on a subconscious level, you can make stunning changes in your own life. Learning how  to create new behaviours and beliefs for yourself allows you to both overcome old difficulties or challenges and create new opportunities and new pathways for yourself.

I always intend to achieve the best possible result in the shortest number of sessions. Some issues like phobias may take between 2 or 3 sessions. Other treatments take longer. Everyone is unique and it will depend on your own personal circumstances, the important thing to remember is that you get the right result for you.

No, you are in control at all times, I cannot make you do anything against your will. I can not make you reveal anything you do not want to. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe and natural process, where we work together at your pace to provide the right therapeutic solution for you.

All appointments are held at my comfortable, private and safe therapy room in Bicester. See below for more information

Absolutely! A person who is not ready to change cannot be helped by hypnosis. Remember, I can’t make your subconscious mind do anything you don’t already want to do. A person who isn’t ready to make change won’t even be calling me. Anyone who is willing to try hypnosis—no matter how nervous or sceptical can reap its amazing benefits. 

Sometimes it can feel like sleep, you may get a sense of ‘zoning in and out’, however clients always come out of hypnosis when instructed to do so. Many clients do say “how fresh they feel, just as though they have had a wonderful restful night’s sleep”.

No, if you were inducted into an hypnotic state, and left there, you would eventually just emerge on your own from hypnosis, in the same way that you wake every morning.

Yes, you will be aware of everything that is happening, within the hypnotic state you are entirely free to think your own thoughts.

I will never contact a GP without your permission. In most cases there will not be a need to get a referral from your GP. However, after meeting you at the initial consultation, if I feel this is necessary I will let you know that I need you to get a referral from your GP.

My comfortable and private therapy room in Bicester.

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