Some feedback from my clients

Hi Brian…..I thought you should know that when I left you on Wednesday, I went back to Sainsbury’s to use the lift and get some shopping. Since then I have used two other lifts in two other shopping centres. Now when ever I see a lift I use it. I get a feeling of exhilaration every time I use a lift. I think I have become a lift junky. I am now planning to do the shard in London. Thank you so much for your help. This has changed my life for the better. Ian

I have been looking forward to writing this email since the minute I left your office last Wednesday because I knew then that I had stopped smoking. The session was an amazing experience and I got so much more from it than just to stop smoking.  It was a really positive experience.  I can honestly say I haven’t had any cravings at all. I have noticed what would’ve been trigger points where I would’ve had a cigarette, but now instead of feeling deprived or wishing I could ‘enjoy’ a cigarette, I feel so positive and happy that I don’t have to have one.  There is no way I want to spend even 1 more day on the left hand path, the right hand path gives me so much more pleasure and happiness than any cigarette ever could. Thank you so much for helping me to get my life and my health back and for making my children proud of me for giving up……

It has now been 1 month since my session and since I became a non-smoker!  I am so happy that I have finally been able to give up for good.  There have been many occasions that would’ve been trigger points in the past but it hasn’t bothered me at all and I don’t even think about smoking, other to think I’m so happy I don’t smoke anymore! Lisa

I hadn’t flown for about ten years and I had serious anxiety when I thought of getting in an aeroplane or even going to the airport. With a holiday abroad planned for later in the year I knew my fear was something I had to overcome. After discussions with Brian I decided to have hypnotherapy sessions. I had four sessions in all. I felt very comfortable and confident throughout and when they were finished I felt calm and relaxed. Along with the hypnotherapy sessions, Brian gave me a hypnotherapy tape that I could play at home. This really helped and my anxiety levels were greatly reduced over the following four weeks. After four sessions I felt so confident that I could now manage my fear that I booked a short flight to Edinburgh as a test! This was the first time that I had flown without fear in years and I can truly say that I’m looking forward to my next flight. I would highly recommend Brian as a hypnotherapist. His calm and kind nature made the sessions pleasant and comfortable….thank you so much for everything you did to help me get to this point.
Kate B.

Hi Brian, I thought I would give you a quick update, since our session last week I can proudly say I have not smoked for the past 7 days. I am feeling good and confident that I am now at last a non-smoker. All thanks to you.
Thanks again, Richard

I have suffered with anxiety amongst other battles all of my life, but always swept them under the carpet. After having a major shutdown I contacted Brian and he went above and beyond to help me get through, explaining in detail what was happening, why it was happening and how to lead a life free of anxiety disorders. I still have bad days, but i am 1000 times better then i have been in many, many years. Thank you for guiding me, and giving me the skills I need to be a successful parent and human being. Highly Highly recommended!!!!
Patrica S.

So I decided to take the plunge after considering hypnotherapy for months (I actually think it was 2 years!!) and I still to this day don’t understand it but I haven’t smoked for just shy of 4 months! I’ve waited for this long before writing this as 3 months was my first big goal. I’ll never forget June 12th as that evening was the last time I smoked and I don’t even miss it and rarely ever think about it.
Thanks Brian this has changed my bank balance and most importantly my health! Kevin

I am so glad that I went to Brian for my first experience with hypnotherapy. He made me feel completely comfortable, he explained the power of the subconscious mind and how much it can affect how our body reacts to different experiences.
Last year I had to speak for a few minutes at my church group, I was so nervous that my whole body started shaking. After I spoke, I was so embarrassed that everyone saw me react this way. This year when the church asked me to speak again, I dreaded it. The anxiety of going through that again was so bad that I started looking for reasons to excuse myself. I’m so grateful I found Brian. Last weekend I spoke at mass and had such a positive experience. I felt very relaxed, connected with the congregation and enjoyed the whole experience.
I wanted to say thank you again for helping me overcome this life-long fear. JD

Brian has assisted me over the past few months to find my self-confidence and reconnect with positive energy. After a long period in my life of negative influences, I needed help to find myself again. Brian’s ability to tap into me through hypnotherapy is second to none. He has a knowledgeable and warm presence and I trusted him entirely throughout the whole process. He offers so much more than hypnotherapy, he will take you on your journey to reach the goals you desire.
Thanks again for getting me back on track. Annabel

I had issues with my nerves when public speaking or giving presentations at work. I do not know how it worked however after the hypnotherapy I can now control my nerves and not worry about these situations. I felt very nervous before I attended the session, however I should not have been, Brian immediately put me at ease, I found the sessions calming and relaxing.
Jon S.

Thank you Brian from the bottom of my heart for helping me deal with some of my trauma today, which I have held on for too long. I still can’t believe how much burden has been lifted after just one session with you, and how far away the bad memories are starting to feel. I know there is still more to do yet in my journey to self discovery and recovery, but you have shed so much light and helped me lots today with the hypnosis, and tips on how I can deal with anxieties and negative thoughts – that I feel like a new, stronger person already! Even though my anxieties can be a nuisance at times, I felt so comfortable and completely trusting towards you during the session, and my nervy cramps quickly went away! You are absolutely amazing, kind and real! Thank you so much. Jane

I have changed my thought patterns surrounding my eating habits and my thoughts towards food. I have noticed a real difference in the way I eat, with reducing my snack intake, reducing portion size and reducing my sugar cravings. This has led to me loosing weight and increasing my self esteem.
I found the experience truly enlightening, and I believed it has changed my mindset about how I perceive food and myself forever.
Thank you for your help.

Just wanted to thank you once again for your help with getting over insomnia.
My sleep is truly improving every night and I’m so happy with the results, I now look forward to enjoying every new day.
Thanks again

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